About Us

Visually Impaired People’s Society (VIPS) is a national level right based disabled people’s organization established on 4th January 2005 with an initiative of a group of persons with visual disabilities. It is one of the leading Blind Organization of Bangladesh. Aim of this democratic organization is to empower the persons with visual impairment as well as persons with disabilities. Since establishment, this organization has been involved in advocacy activities with Government and Mainstream organizations to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. VIPS has been providing different training programs like computer training, android operating system training, mobility training and embossing Braille books, documents for visually impaired and Blind persons.

By organizing persons with visual impairment, low vision and Blind Persons, VIPS is trying to create awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities, building human resource, taking part in Government activities and action plan, and establishing network with development organizations. The organization has made attempts to create equal opportunities for persons with visual impairment and low vision through providing support on accessible information and communication technology.