Consultation Meeting on Identifying Gaps and way Forward for Claiming Equity in Education of Learners and Teachers with Disabilities

On 11th March, 2023, Saturday VIPS organizes a hybrid consultation meeting on identifying gaps and way forward for claiming equity in education of learners and teachers with disabilities. In this consultation meeting, government primary school assistant teachers from different primary schools under the directorate of primary education [DPE], special school teachers under the special education programme of the department of social services, an assistant inspector of the Manikgonj district secondary and higher secondary education office, a social service officer, and students from different higher education institutes were among the 16 (F-6, M-10) participants. Mirja Mohammad Didarul Anam, assistant professor, Government Teachers Training College, Dhaka, and committee member of the new reform secondary curriculum, was present as a resource person. In this meeting, participants discussed their challenges and views on the measure challenges, gaps, and requirements, including the new revised curriculum implementation strategies, and gave their feedback on the gaps and ways forward for equity in education under the new revised curriculum. Based on their recommendations, VIPS has prepared a report and submitted it to the member curriculum, chairman, and secretary of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB), which also submitted it to the concerned curriculum development committee members. Further, continuous follow up communications and advocacy campaign meetings will be organized with respective authorities, including concerned curriculum development committee team members, throughout the year. Also, awareness campaign activities are going on through print and social media, which will continue round the year.

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