Organizational Structure

VIPS is comprised of general council, executive committee and a secretariat. It is a non-political, non-communal, non-profitable and democratic organization. All full members of VIPS are conscious and visually impaired people. The General Council is consisting of 175 members. An executive committee is elected every 2 (two) year with their direct vote and it consists of 13 (thirteen) members where there are 4 women quotas. There is a restriction to be elected in the same post of the executive committee not more than twice. Its administrative activities and the responsibilities of implementing decisions taken in all layers of organization properly are entrusted with the secretariat. The secretariat is comprised of voluntary, and interest taking and salaried employees. Besides VIPS has an advisory council consisting of experienced, social welfare oriented, professional and intellectual and leaders of civil society.

Eligibility of membership:

Any visually impaired people having bachelor or equivalent degree may apply for full membership. At present VIPS have 175 full members.

Beneficiary of VIPS:

Any visually impaired persons as well as other persons with disabilities of Bangladesh regarding to any profession, gender and race will be considered as beneficiary of this organization.