Our Works

VIPS is committed to conducting constructive and constitutional social movements to solve the problems of visually impaired children and individuals relating to their education, vocational training, safe movement training, training for efficiency enhancement in daily activities, inspirational and motivational training, and entertainment and employment. In the meanwhile, it has been arranging seminars, and workshops to create social awareness on the basis of partnership with private organizations engaged in implementing programs conducted for handicapped people and has been implementing various programs. It has taken up some time befitting and modern projects to integrate visually impaired people into the mainstream of social development and to develop them as conscious of their rights, responsible and productive good citizens. VIPS is determined to play a subsidiary role to establish unity and solidarity among the visually impaired people and the organizations connected with them. The VIPS has taken up I.C.T to apply and use beneficially modern information and communication technology in education, training, employment, and conducting daily activities of visually impaired people as their own organization and is implementing advocacy programs at the government and private level.

Major activities in brief:

  • Policy advocacy and lobbying for ensuring the rights and scope of persons with disabilities including the enactment of the Disability Rights and protection act in line with UNCRPD. For example, creating employment opportunities, accessing inclusive education and ICT, etc.
  • ICT, policy advocacy, leadership, UNCRPD orientation, Braille, IGA, life skill training, etc.
    Braille production and resource center.
  • Teachers and education officers’ capacity development support education.
  • Provide DAISy (Digital Accessible Information System) book and training document.
  • Empowering and strengthening Self- help groups of persons with disabilities.
  • Capacity building on advocacy and leadership
  • ICT Skill development
  • Braille production and resource center.
  • Motivation and counseling support service for persons with disabilities and their parents.
  • Provides support with different software, mobile applications, and android training for visually impaired people.
  • Orientation and mobility skill development support for visually impaired and low vision person.
  • Motivation and counseling support service to Persons with disabilities and their parents.
    Empowering and strengthening self-help group initiatives.